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One hundred years of blowing and beauty


Chanted by the deeds of tradition, with lighted furnaces, the 100th year of business opens to the new projects and is celebrated with an exhibition that traces the history of our glasses and NasonMoretti furnace.

In this Centenary year, the company is set to celebrate, together with all the people, collaborators, and partners, whom over one hundred years joined a great passion and curiosity to such a frail and rich material, as glass is.
The anniversary still falls on a family-run business.
Since 1923 we produce the traditional murano glasses, this heritage is continued with the same techniques passed on for generations.
Over 25 thousand models developed through the years, show us the significance and the worth of our work team: those people who guide all the product processing steps, in a slow manufacturing as we are. The glass passed hand in hand, from the making of mixtures, to the heat treatment, up to the tempering, cutting, grinding and finish; every gesture is necessary and reward of experience, therefore - "quality is daughter of time"- (Giorgio Nason).
The company has always compared respect of tradition and fervent research of new lines. We have constantly been attempting to address our sensibility to the market requirements and distribution.
Until the 90’s, our core business was almost entirely based on tableware of wedding lists; a table well-articulated with accessories and glasses of several sizes, a convivial style reflecting those times. 
The emergence of the contemporary table setting, has introduced a clear cut to the elements of the set, and an increasingly stronger demand for new designs and colorings: a true diktat, that launched our cooperation with international profiled designers and architects, starting our collaborations with the big fashion houses for their tableware.
The rich offer of color range has always been an identification mark of our brand, outcome of an attentive study and technical challenges subjected to lots of variables. “This fragility itself, makes up the great charm of the Murano glass, to whom the company does not want to renounce”- (Marco Nason).
By pursuing the development and the internationalization of the brand, our inspiration is taken from the past, focused on our drawings and our identity, with our patterns and colors.
Beauty and elegance for us are granted to synthesis and simplicity, matching with times and trend evolutions: from the 033 pitchers provided to the Harry’s Bar in the 50’s, to the 3/62 stem glasses adorning the most prestigious tables in the world for over half century, and the 1955 Compasso d’Oro award, prelude to the modern times -“also obtained by a very simple but original innovation, just reversing the colors of a very classic technique like incamiciato is – and using bold geometrical shapes, in contrast to the muranese designs of the period.”- (Piero Nason)
The exhibition “One hundred years of NasonMoretti. The story of a Murano Glass family” organized by Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia and curated by Cristina Beltrami and Chiara Squarcina, tells the story of our factory displayed in the space of Spazio Ex Conterie – Murano Glass Museum. 
It represents such an important occasion for us, to open our archive and talk about the history of our glass objects, still incredibly modern and inspiring for the future.
We are glad to announce so many important events and projects during the whole 2023 and a celebrative book coming at the end of the year and published by Marsilio Arte.

To all the great masters supporting us along the years, our partners and families,
with gratitude,